The Creative District Improvement Co.

We are The Creative District Improvement Company. We masterplan, develop and operate mixed-use schemes for the creative industries that revitalise city neighbourhoods.

Our proven approach to urban regeneration is grounded in our belief that the creative industries at large will significantly underpin the future of the UK economy.

We draw on years of experience and knowledge to create schemes that drive significant value for our partners, the UK’s leading property developers. We offer practical solutions with creativity at their heart.

The creative industries need us; our work is a response to the urgent need for studio and stage space. The lack of space not only dampens our country’s potential but is creating a growing skills gap. Together with our partners, we can boost tomorrow’s creativity.

There is a huge opportunity in the UK property sector today. Already the property world is merging with the creative industries faster than with any other commercial sector. The way people work, how companies operate and how content and creativity are consumed have changed beyond recognition during the last 10 years. We understand all of this at TCDICo and are responding to this evolution way ahead of the curve.

There are three major factors driving this opportunity for the property sector:

First, The Creative Industry at large and its ever-growing contribution to the country’s GDP (11% and growing twice as fast as any other industry).

Second, The UK TV & Film Industry and its enormous need for content of all types to be created in this country, with a critical shortage of suitable space to work in. In addition to space the industry has a critical need for more training facilities for all of the technical personal required to deliver the required $25bn of global content a year that wasn’t needed even 5 years ago. Thats why all of our schemes include a Film & TV training academy in partnership with nationally recognised educational institutions with recognised qualifications gained within a working studio environment.

Finally, Future-proofed Employment and the fact that with the advancement of AI in the workforce, there will be mass unemployment across the country in the next 20 years. However, one of the least affected sectors is the creative industry. Speaking coldly in investor terms, these schemes will always be in demand, while other commercial schemes simply may not be needed anymore.

These three reasons are why we come to work every day at TCDICo. They are why we are helping the property sector to understand this opportunity. They are why some of the biggest developers in the UK & the USA are joining us in the creation of the communities of the future, founded in creativity.

“The creative industries account for £92 billion of GVA in the UK, 2 million jobs and are growing twice as fast as the economy as a whole”
Policy Paper Creative Industries: Sector Deal Report. Published DCMS 28th March 2018 — DOWNLOAD
“To meet current demand for UK film and high-end TV production, land the size of 100 football pitches is needed to host the 1.9 million sq ft of new studio space required by 2032”
Lights Camera Action: Report Published by Lambert Smith Hampton 2018 — DOWNLOAD
“Latest research looking at creativity in the UK confirms creative jobs are more resistant to automation in the future. Estimates declare the UK needs to generate 1 million new creative jobs by 2030”
Nesta – Creativity V’s Robots April 2015 — DOWNLOAD

We Curate

Property today is an experience, it is a living moment. We tailor that experience by curating the places and uses of space that people want to visit and enjoy. Our schemes provide areas of residential, retail, work and leisure space that surround our much-needed studio facilities, all in line with a highly curated design aesthetic.

We Enable

Piers Read and Jeremy Rainbird have unrivalled knowledge of how the creative and real estate industries can work together. Decades of experience in both TV and film work and property development have given the duo an unrivalled network of global contacts who make things happen. By drawing on this knowledge, our developer partners can establish unique, successful partnerships with creative enterprises.

We Develop

Our creative neighbourhoods are built upon a diverse range of sites, all owned by TDCICo’s joint ventures and funded by our globally renowned institutional backer. Many of the projects we work on include a mixture of heritage sites and new build development. We bring out the beauty of the old by adding a modern twist. Our team’s experience in design, planning and construction makes us equally as comfortable if we manage the scheme ourselves or work in partnership with publicly funded housebuilders.

We Operate

When we commit to a scheme, we are committing to oversee its future. Once a scheme is delivered, we bring in our years of operating experience, including strategic anchor lettings and estate management. The skillset of our team spans leisure, retail and hospitality, all positioned around our core DNA of the film and TV studio industry. We create vibrant destinations that will continue to be successful.

We Collaborate

The creative industries are the UK’s fastest growing industry sector. We partner with the UK’s leading property developers to provide the space creative businesses need to unleash their potential. Our collaborations provide full mixed-use commercial solutions that add personality and purpose to large place-making developments. Together we create the places that people want to call their home.


The Creative District Improvement Company was founded by Jeremy Rainbird and Piers Read. Within TCDICo, their knowledge and experience combine to generate a completely unique, expert insight into how the creative industries can work with real estate to maximise their potential.

Between them, Jeremy and Piers have spent more than four decades running global TV production companies, location companies, flexible workspace companies and world class studio facilities. They have a detailed understanding of how the world of TV, film, theatre, postproduction and music production really works. Many of the UK’s most successful creative neighbourhoods can be credited to their work.

Jeremy and Piers have developed a close understanding of the challenges facing the creative industries. Though one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK, it won’t reach its full potential without spaces such as film and TV studios. There is a growing skills gap as fewer technicians and makers have the space to train. Creative businesses don’t just boost the UK economy, of course; there are countless studies that show creative enjoyment improves our quality of life. On every level, developing creative clusters boosts the world around them.

Today, the aim of TCDICo is to develop and operate the UK’s largest network of TV studios, film stages, flexible work space, headquarter buildings and storage and logistics for the creative industry. Creative businesses work with an evolving body of people, so schemes include hotels and serviced apartments that can accommodate visiting crews and cast. We place local communities and the public at the heart of our thinking, by guaranteeing access and offering affordable hospitality packages. We make sure that we deliver high-quality amenities to allow visiting TV audiences to relax, shop and eat before or after a show. We partner with educational bodies to establish places for people to learn creative trades. We create schemes that are both beautiful and functional.

TCDICo is backed by one of the largest institutional property investment funds in the world. The company is currently working on creative clusters in and around the UK worth more than £500 million. We are committed to bringing online more than 1 million square feet of world-class studio space in the UK by 2023.

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We proactively look for sites where we can invest capital in locations that match our criteria. Our strength lies in knowing how to use spaces and we have a proven record of producing successful projects. Our goal is simple: to create extraordinary places with social and economic benefits, to improve the environment and to make better places for all.

We don’t judge places and buildings on how they look today. Instead, we look at what they can become tomorrow. If you have buildings or land and the raw ingredients of success, but need inspiration to progress, let’s talk.

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